Looking (mostly) local with pixels in my eyes

  • tree with great perspective and altered colour
  • Knitted Mice


Just about how I feel this evening….

A bit all over, a bit dark, a bit bright (!) and simultaneously rooted in the earth and reaching for the sky….


This is the time to break out the 105 macro.  Took this last ladybird season- but I missed the focal point on the eyes a smidge on this one. Still – its one of the ‘proper’ ladybirds, rather than one of the black and red ones which are sadly nesting in my windowframe!

Woozy morning gritty eyes

Yes its noisy but it was intended to be – playing with the ‘film grain’ on my LX5.  Perspective is me, sans cappucino…


Riding on

This week has seen a bit of fluff about Barlcays – but I’m far more annoyed with their solicitation to support free school bids….

I do love the blue of the bikes, but the way I’m feeling today I’m black and whiting it….

Celebrating music

As outlined in the Parents Alliance for Community Schools website, I was very honoured to be present with our local teachers in celebration of the learning of music in our primary and secondy schools at this annual performance.  Many music styles were represented here at the Royal Albert Hall.   The children were amazing and it was a brilliant evening!  It was the first time I had been in the building, so it will always be very special to me.

After a heartbreaking week of division-exemplified across London, we had a lovely, friendly, open festival here in W12.  Yes communities can align or divide along issues but The Shepherds Bush Festival is a reminder of the fun and connection that communities can have beyond all of that.  It was wonderful, and much needed 🙂  More here  http://flic.kr/s/aHsjvS4nFC

Knitted Mice

Sad bikes

Anyone who wanders around the Shepherds Bush station area will see bikes like this. Locked and stripped.  Were they forgotten? Did their owners lose their key? Did they lock it and return for it at the end of the day, but find it partly stripped and then just leave it? I’m always curious about the stories behind these bikes, and as a avid cyclist and mini-gearhead (and maybe a slight loony) I feel a bit sad for them…And of course one can avoid this sort of thing, in part, by *properly* locking your bike! (Maybe I’ll do some photo demos!)

Pretty Moon

A nice shredded cloud with a moon.  Nothing swank, it was just pretty to see on my way home….


I was on the south bank and watched a group of kayakers enter the water.  The entries were fun, and the dappled filtered light was lovely to see reflected in the smiles and gear…